Collectd on rocky 8 fails - works on rocky 9

I am installing collectd on both Rocky 8 and Rocky 9. Rocky 9 installs with no problem. When I use the same config on Rocky 8, it fails. In the journalctl logs, I see the plugins all loading, then finally a message “Error: Parsing the config file failed!”. However, when I test the config file using collectd -t, there are no errors. Has anyone successfully run collectd on Rocky 8? Any idea what I am doing incorrectly?

Are you able to post here the configuration that you are using? This would help. Did you copy the entire config from Rocky 9 to Rocky 8? Or did you just manually apply the same changes to the Rocky 8 file? This could be a source of the problem, since collectd on Rocky 9 might have something configured that doesn’t work on the version in Rocky 8 for example.

Posting the full config file could allow us to install and configure and potentially find where the problem is and help figure out a solution.

Well, don’t I feel dumb. I started to parse out the different Plugins and saw that the plugin collectd to fail on Rocky 8. Odd that it works on 9, but not on 8. This is what I have for the Load plugin -

ReportRelative true

I scp’d the config file from CentOS 7 to Rocky 8.

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It’s best practice to not copy configuration files from older distributions to a newer one, or newer to older purely because they were not created for that OS and more in particular it might not be relevant to the version of the package being installed (as we find here). It would be far better, to make a note of all the changes you need to make and apply that to the appropriate distribution. Obviously manually doing that is a pain, and this is where Ansible comes in handy, since you tell ansible via playbooks to modify the configuration file and add the bits you need.

I do this for example for PHP config settings, because PHP versions between EL7, EL8 and EL9 vary significantly, and you cannot just copy from EL7 to EL8 and expect it to work. Using Ansible means I prepare a playbook, and all those changes can be applied to any new installation I make in the future.

But as you’ve found the culprit in the config file, I’m guessing it’s now working?

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Yes, thank you for your help!

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