Installing centos-release-scl

Hey, I want to migrate from centos-7 to Rocky Linux. I was using centos-release-scl-rh with older centos version. But while building with rockylinux this package was not found.
Can someone please share any alternative on how i can get this dependency or what i can do here?

The package centos-release-scl-rh defines a el7 repo for Software Collections that Red Hat has released for el7.

Red Hat replaced Software Collections with Application Streams in el8.
The streams are in appstream repo. (EPEL might have some streams too.)
There are still some remnants of SCL in el8 and el9, but not as separate repo, AFAIK.

The real question is thus not how to get a third-party repo that does not exist for Rocky,
but what “software collections” do you perceive to need?