Comprehensive list of package repositories


I’m currently moving my CentOS 7 and Oracle Linux 7 servers to Rocky Linux 8. I’m looking for information about package repositories.

CentOS has a nice overview for available package repositories:

Oracle Linux has the same information for available software:

Where can I find similar information for Rocky Linux? E. g. a detailed list of default repositories and available (official and third-party) repositories, with a concise explanation of the software it provides or the role it plays.



Due to similarity the third-party EL8 repos should be equally good for all EL8 distros (RHEL, Rocky, CentOS, …)

All base repos should be within:

dnf repolist all

That is essentially baseos, appstream, powertools, and extras.

Base repos provides some additional/third-party repo definitions. Check dnf list \*release\*

I ran that cmd and the following were enabled but the rest were disabled:


Is that OK for a normal installation?

Yes. That is what I’d expect.

Hello. I was going through our current wiki and I thought we had published something. I decided to write something up real quickly here. I hope this helps.

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