Boot failed: Integrated RAID Controller 1: Rocky Linux

Good morning. When restarting a Dell server (UEFI) it gave me this message. I’m sure I don’t know what’s happening but I think I’ll tell you:
I migrated from Rocky Linux 8.7 to 8.9. I wanted to delete rpm that I didn’t need and I think I deleted something extra:
rpm -e shim
rpm -e grub2-efi
rpm -e efi-filesystem

I reinstalled them with rpm -ivh and did nothing else.
I think I missed doing something else. Any ideas?
I have to go to the cpd and I’m going to try booting in rescue mode


Hello again. That’s it, I was missing the rpm shim

Guys in india hosed 5 of our redhat servers, getting this exact error on boot. I’m going to try and boot from rescue and look at this.