Rocky Installation Error

Hello All,

I have 8 machines that have Rocky Linux installed on them, and upon attempting to boot one of them, I have suddenly ran into a new error. Rocky will attempt to boot, but after approximately 5 minutes, i am taken to emergency mode with the following errors.

/dev/mapper/rl-root does not exist
/dev/rl/root does not exist
/dev/rl/swap does not exist

It then generates /run/initramfs/rdsosreport.txt and says i should export it using journalct1 which does not work. I have never seen this issue before, and I have verified that I have enough space for the OS. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Jumping to conclusions here, but sounds like a harddisk error, but before we come to that conclusion need to confirm it.
First though, if you get to the kernel chooser try another kernal in case a change in kernel drivers has caused an issue with access to many of the subsystems needed to start an issue.
If that yealds the same result, then try to boot the system into rescue mode, which is done by editing the kernel command line in the kernel chooser, and appending “init=/bin/bash” at the end.
this should get the kernel to boot and give you read only access to see whats on your disks, and a rudimentary command line access.
to access your root directory read/write execute the following.
mount -o remount,rw /
this will allow you to do things like fsck, or edit /etc/fstab to remove any filesystems not absolutely necessary for startup.
and hopefully allow you to see if there is an issue with the harddisk by using badblocks in read only mode (its default) on the underlying harddisk.
otherwise to proceed any further would be guess work without some feedback
regards peter

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