Rocky 9.2 new install fails to boot

After previous problems last spring, I modified hardware, did a couple of test installs of Rocky, and then downloaded new copy of Rocky 9.2 and installed. Got to point where says complete and to reboot. Clicked reboot and nothing happened so I hit the reset button. Now starts boot but ends up with “A start job is running for /dev/disk/by-uuid/…(long string here)…ab5c”. I assumed was formatting RAID partitions but has been doing that for several days so probably stuck. Doesn’t respond to keyboard or mouse. There is a very fast error message at start of boot that I can’t read - too fast.

Configuration is 4 - 1 Tb disks, 2 assigned to /boot, /boot/efi, /, and /var and swap. All except swap are defined as RAID1. Other two disks are a single large RAID1 with only /usr mounted on it. During boot I get message “block device autoloading is deprecated” and several messages “md/raid1: md 12x active with 1 mirror” where x is from 3 to 7. I also get a message for each of the SATA disks “limiting link to 3 Gbs”. (WD solid state capable of 6 Gbs transfer and so is the MSI b550m board).

Any ideas on how to get it active appreciated. Doesn’t show up on network so can’t get on using SSH.

After playing with this for more than a week it is running fine now. I had read about the 9.2 version hanging when a USB device was plugged but I figured that was in May, 2023, and I downloaded 9.2 last week. The keyboard and mouse were USB and when I unplugged both of them and rebooted from power off everything came up. Looks like the problem persists. One tip-off for this problem is that every minute or so the console reported a “new USB device” on the mouse. When I unplugged it I had 17 mice based on the system’s console counter! Anyhow, fixed now since I don’t need either a keyboard or mouse on this server which is remorely maintained.

Wow – kudos on figuring out that obscure issue!!!

I have to admit I’ve never seen a system with that problem, but glad you got it sorted – and making a personal note of this potential bug as well. Nice work!

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