After update to 9.2 Boot issues

Hello there,

I have 3 Rocky Linux servers. All of them are updated to 9.2 from 9.1

In one of them after the upgrade on the 1st reboot it did not boot…It entered in emergency mode and in dracut found the the following message " warning: /dev/disk/by-uuid does not exist". If reboot the server it boots normally …This issue happens every 5 days …It boots normally for 5 or 6 days but after the 7th will not …

Has anyone any idea what is wrong …? and how to fix it …?

I would check our release notes. You are likely running into a known issue. Current Release 9.2 - Documentation

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I forgot to mention this previously…

I do not have in my system the /etc/lvm/devices/system.devices. Also in none of my systems the /etc/lvm/devices/system.devices exists and are working fine !

I have read the link Current Release 9.2 - Documentation. It takes as default that the /etc/lvm/devices/system.devices exists so maybe the symptoms are the same but i am not sure the solution suits for me …

So please any ideas how to fix it would be appreciated…?

Hello there,

According to the above link you provided me that issue is that the format of the system.devices.
In my system i do not have the file and i do not use lvm for the partitions at all.
So this is not the solution for me …

According to the My virtual machine running RHEL 9 enters emergency mode. What can I do? - Synology Knowledge Center and the 2208039 – lvm handles trailing spaces in wwids differently in 9.2 the solution is the recreation of the file system.devices with the vgimportdevices -a command… I do not have the vgimportdevices tool that is a part lvm module… Since i do not use lvm i do not have that tool…

Still having issues …Many upgrades …nothing is resolved regarding these boot issues…Any idea how to resolve…?

Here are some screenshots…

Latest updates to kernel and system haven’t resolved the issue… The disk is SSD …

Are you looking through journalctl -xb in emergency mode to get more information? There are also notes in your screenshots to regenerate your initramfs. You may want to boot a rocky linux 9.2 boot iso into rescue mode, get into a chroot, and attempt to regenerate it.

# Replace <kernel_version> with the kernel you are attempting to boot
cp /boot/initramfs-<kernel_version>.img /boot/initramfs-<kernel_version>.bak
dracut -f /boot/initramfs-<kernel_version>.img <kernel_version>

Hello there,

Thanks for the info…

Did that and nothing is changed… I have generated the initramfs again …the system rebooted for 4 times correctly and the 5th same issue …occurred…

If it helps the system has SSD not NVME or mechanical disk…It is SSD

Hello there,

In mormal mode can i search it in journalctl -xb …?

Emergency mode logs will not appear in any other mode when you boot up. The -b option provided in the command I provided is for that current boot.