LVM broken after upgrade to 9.2

I have some virtual machines in virtualbox 7 that I upgraded from Rocky 9.1 to 9.2
In each VM there is a physical /boot partition and 3 partitions in LVM with a single Volume Group: the root partition /, the /var partition and the /swap partition.
After the upgrade to 9.2, the /var partition was not recognized at startup and by entering rescue mode and disabling it from /etc/fstab I was able to boot the systems.
At this point though if I run any command like pvscan, lvscan etc. this error comes up:
Devices file sys_wwid t10.ATA_____VBOX_HARDDISK___________________________VB6b8c839d-fff8f011_ PVID LLuJgCfZjY13zX1deSgBwx0WleTapEbB last seen on /dev/sda2 not found.
No matching physical volumes found"
The strangest thing is that although no PV is recognized, the root / and /swap partitions are mounted correctly by /dev/mapper/rl-root and /dev/mapper/rl-swap.
Any LVM-related command I run always shows the above error and I can’t fix the situation.
Has this happened to anyone else?

Hi Robert,

Welcome to the community! This is a known bug with 9.2 which we have reported upstream. Please see our release notes for more information: Current Release 9.2 - Documentation

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A thousand thanks.
Stupid me for not doing a good search before upgrading and posting.
Excuse me

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