Rocky Linux 9.2 installation broken if SSD device name contains a double quote (and LVM is used)


The Rocky Linux 9.2 installation fails on systems if the HDD/SSD device name contains a double quote like ATA_2.5"_SATA_SSD_3MG2 and LVM is used in disk partitioning. It fails directly after you click Begin Installation when the installer tries to create the partitioning layout: “Creating lvmpv on /dev/dsa3”
The installer stops with unknown error and the more info window shows:

DBusError: Process reported exit code 5: Parse error at byte 378 (line 20): unexpected token
Error parsing metadata for VG rl
Failed to write VG rl

If I look into “/etc/lvm/devices/system.devices” the IDNAME contains the double quote: IDNAME=ATA_2.5"_SATA_SSD_3MG2
=> This seems the root cause for me.

The issue is related to the my previous problem reported here:

It was fixed upstream in lvm2. I was able to apply the patch to lvm2-2.03.17-7 and this solved the problem for me:;a=commit;h=dc99f0def17b936f95c63612a56ae2a6ae81db0e

The fix is meanwhile also released in lvm2-2.03.21-1:

The difference is that in 9.1 the installation was successful and the problem appeared later when the system was used.
Now the issue appears happens during installation :frowning:
How can the patch be applied to lvm2 used in install.img of Rocky DVD iso?

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