Best way to roll back from 9.3 to 9.2

tldr; What is the best way to roll back from 9.3 to 9.2 and stay on 9.2 for the time being ?

We use a software that is protected with CodeMeter Software from Wibu. Unfortunately Wibu seems to be a bit slow with their support for Rocky 9.3 and their software does not yet support rocky 9.3 - I’ve been waiting for more then a month.

What is the best option to roll back from Rocky 9.3 to 9.2, install all the packages - including nvidia driver - and stay on 9.2 for the time being?

You can attempt to point your repositories at the vault and attempt to to downgrade that way with distro-sync or another method. However, you may cause some serious issues to your system doing this, so please take a backup or consider installing 9.2 again and starting from there if at all possible. You may have issues with the nvidia drivers though.

If you pay for support with the software provider, I would urge them to support newer versions of Rocky Linux in a timely manner. Releases are every May and November. They’ve had almost two months to certify their software. If possible, perhaps point them to our version guide.

With that said, 9.2 is end of life and no longer supported.

X can protect your software, but only in system that has known security issues” is somehow counter-intuitive.

Hi nazunalika,
As you said 9.2 is end of life. but it has better feature then 9.3. I am telling you how, May be I am wrong but what I face that I am sharing with you all!

I have installed Rocky9.3 and create virtual machines on it but even after struggle a lot I was not able to setup Host-Passthrough on Rocky9.3. I tried everything but fail to allocate PCE devices to VM on Rocky9.3.

At last I have to move back to Rocky9.2 where Host-Passthrough works perfactly.

If you have any suggestions for Rocky9.3, how to configure host-Passthough then it will be helpful for the community.

What I did: added “intel_iommu=on” in /etc/defalut/grub. Same I did in Rocky9.2.

And then you did run grub2-mkconfig? Did you check what the actual kernel command-line is after boot?

The 9.3 made a change: Chapter 4. New features Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 | Red Hat Customer Portal
You have to add --update-bls-cmdline option for grub2-mkconfig in order to update the BLS entries.

No. 9.2 is dead. The new features in 9.3 force us to adapt a bit.

Did you try asking (here or other channels) how to set up Host-Passthrough on Rocky 9 (or RHEL 9)? (You do sort of ask now, but only after the “everything”.)

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