Rollback 9.3 to 9.1 possible?

Hi, I installed RockyLinux 9.3 on a Dell server and find that the application(s) software I run on this machine was developed using 9.1; Some applications run OK while a few others don’t install properly.
Is there anyway I can modily existing scripts to recognise 9.3 version? If not, is there a way to rollback to 9.1?

Without knowing what you are installing/running and what the errors are, I doubt anyone could help you here ?

I guess it might be possible to ‘downgrade’ - but it would be better to get whatever you are using to work with any current or future releases of Rocky 9 ?

  1. Error while running a script refers to a higher kernel version which is in 9.3
  2. Error occurs while running another script which refers to 9.1 in a couple of if statements …
  3. The scripts are developed by another resource overseas and they insist on me to rollback or reinstall 9.1 in lieu of 9.3

Rocky can support only the latest point update due to how code for content is available (just like CentOS did before). More explicictly, there has been no – nor will be – any security updates for 9.1 content since May 2023, for anyone.

Old content is still in Vault – see Rocky Linux Repositories - Rocky Linux Wiki – but one really should not use it.

They could insist on doing calculations with abacus rather than computer, but that would be no less feasible than use of 9.1. (In fact, abacus can have better network security.)

One could ask why the scripts do have hard-coded checks and dependencies in the first place?

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