Any plans to correct the OS release name?

Facter information for tools such as puppet report os=>name as CentOS for CentOS, OracleLinux for OracleLinux and so on.
Rocky reports itself as RedHat.

Not an issue other than I have updated a lot of rules to cope with that and wondering if I am going to have to update them all again shortly if it suddenly without warning during an update becomes Rocky

Edit: this is from a conversion from CentOS to Rocky using the script. Not sure if the same thing would occur from an iso install (although the conversion did change centOS to RedHat)

Stumbled on this thread when trying to diagnose this issue. This was a bug in facter that was fixed in version 6.22.1 of Puppet

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Thanks Sabo! Welcome to the community. I’m glad you were able to find a solution to your problem

Just an update. It has been corrected at some point.
/etc/os-release (actually os-release.rpmnew that I moved in) now correctly identifies the OS release as rocky. Thanks to whomever fixed that.
Comment added to the thread for those that don’t actively search out *.rpmnew files

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