Lsb-release package, lsb_releasn command and puppet facter

Hi, good news that Rocky 8.4 is released.

I didn’t find the package lsb-release, and lsb_release command is not available. Is it replaced by something else? Will Rocky Linux add this package? Another thing, we are using Puppet facter to distinguish different operating systems, for example : operatingsystem,, ,
os.release.major. Seems under Rocky, these facters are not correct. Is it possible to add the related part for puppet facter?

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Install redhat-lsb package.

lsb_release -a
LSB Version:	:core-4.1-amd64:core-4.1-noarch:cxx-4.1-amd64:cxx-4.1-noarch:desktop-4.1-amd64:desktop-4.1-noarch:languages-4.1-amd64:languages-4.1-noarch:printing-4.1-amd64:printing-4.1-noarch
Distributor ID:	Rocky
Description:	Rocky Linux release 8.4 (Green Obsidian)
Release:	8.4
Codename:	GreenObsidian

[root@rocky ~]# which lsb_release

[root@rocky ~]# rpm -qf /usr/bin/lsb_release 

you need to install lsb-core package which provides lsb_release

[root@rocky ~]# dnf install redhat-lsb-core.x86_64 
[root@rocky ~]# which lsb_release 

good luck

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Thanks for the reply. Yes, that is the package needed.

I must have confused the package name with Ubuntu when I was searching.
I could have found it by myself in stead of putting a question :slight_smile:

After the package is installed, the puppet facter for is correcte now.

Thanks :slight_smile:


@xiaomei I experienced the same issue between Ubuntu and any Red Hat variant {CentOS, Rocky, ALMALinux, and of course Red Hat} abouyt 4 years ago. Full disclosure- I do not use Ubuntu very often, and not at all professionally.

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