Adding GNOME to minimal iso?

I was wondering if any consideration had been given to adding GNOME to the minimal iso, to make the interface to Rocky look more like what users are used to seeing when they install CentOS? Are there legal considerations that would prevent this? Thanks!

The intent of the minimal ISO is to provide the smallest generally useful self installable image possible. I’m not sure if you meant including GNOME in the minimal ISO’s repo or include GNOME meaning a live image, but either way it would bloat it to the point where it’s no longer “minimal”.

If you were looking for live images, there are currently a few here (currently unsupported, please report bugs to

Maybe the OP wants to install sever with GUI by a smaller iso image instead of that 9g dvd1.
Similar to ISO Size does not fit on DVD

USB flash disk is a good chose to use dvd1 image.

My apologies for the confusing original post. As berlin suggested, I wasn’t proposing that GNOME be added to the minimal iso itself. Instead, I was wondering if a new iso could be created that would combine GNOME and the minimal iso’s contents. It could be called the “workstation” iso or the “gui” iso or something else along those lines. Ideally, it would be (1) an iso officially supported and maintained by the RESF, (2) bootable when copied to both DVD and USB media, and (3) small enough to fit on a single standard 4.7GB disk.

I realize that I can install the minimal iso and then run the command

dnf groupinstall “Server with GUI” -y

to install GNOME afterwards, but I just wondered if a single iso with GNOME added might be less confusing for those who haven’t worked with RHEL/CentOS (or Linux in general for that matter). It is a bit confusing that the current minimal iso allows you to specify that you want to include GNOME when specifying the components to install, but it doesn’t actually install it.

Anyway, this whole idea was just a suggestion. I’m very pleased with what I’ve seen of Rocky, and I appreciate all the hard work that went into making it available for us. Thank you.

I did a minimal install - but wanted to expand my install. I used YUM commands to list the available group install commands. GNOME installed very quickly - and easily using yum.

I installed KDE the full version, had no problem, didn’t bother with Gnome!