Installing GUI on VMWare Pro

Hi all,

I’ve installed Rocky 8.4, but it is only character
Are there some instrucions to add a GUI to it?


I use Server with GUI when Installing Rocky Linux in VMWare, maybe this link you can read and try in this link:

that’s what I’ve been looking for.

Thanks a lot


Hi @sandman42,

You can use the iso DVD to perform the installation.
In the screen installation summary > software selection > base environment, choose Workstation which will automatically install the graphic environment gnome 3.32.

Oke siap. You’re welcome

the minimal ISO doesn’t have the Server with GUI install option, boot and DVD ISOs do.

Hi, i advice you to use DVD instead of Minimal install and selecte server with GUI other wise you can install DE using dnf which i manly avoid
Good luck

If you’ve already installed your machine with the minimal ISO without a graphical environment the following command sequence should get your machine setup and running with GUI…

# dnf install -y '@graphical-server-environment'
# systemctl set-default
# systemctl isolate
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