DVD vs Alternative Image install of Rockly Linux workstation

Hi, I installed and happily use Rocky Linux workstation by having downloaded the DVD image and then selecting Workstation as the Base installation during the install process. This installs RL with Gnome.

I just noticed that under Alternative Images (https://rockylinux.org/alternative-images) there is listed a GNOME (Workstation) image.

What is the purpose of having an alternative image of RL Gnome workstation if that can already be installed from the DVD image?

The image size is obviously different - is this the main reason to create a separate GNOME (Workstation) image - to reduce this image size?

What is the difference of what actually gets installed between these two RL Workstation versions?

Thanks ahead of time…

There are usually added/removed packages/groups when it comes to the live images. I can’t really give you a definitive list of differences, but I can point you to the kickstart for the live image that shows you the packages/groups used for the live image, so you can compare the /root/anaconda-ks.cfg file produced with a regular DVD install and the live image kickstart. See here.

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Hi @ nazunalika,
Thanks, I will look into that…

If you look on the Alternative Images download page, you’ll see that those images aren’t officially supported…

Personally I prefer using the most basic image, then adding the features you want either from the installer, or via the repository after the installation. That way your initial iso download is much smaller & faster, you get the packages directly from the online repository, which is usually more uptodate than what you have on the iso, so you save bandwidth as you don’t have to download a huge iso first, & then still do the updates after the installation. The big iso makes sense if you intend to install it on many systems.