What is the difference between 'Workstation' and 'Lite Workstation'

Hi there,

the title indicates already what this is about. Is there a list what the differences between the workstation and lite workstation alternative ISOs is. Is lite workstation just what other distributions like Ubuntu title as minimal installation, so the basic system tools but no selection of additional userspace tools or are there other differences to the system?


Not sure what this is about, but don’t forget there’s also a “Workstation” role in the “full DVD” Rocky installer.

I am sorry if I did not make it clear. In the download section under ‘alternative downloads’ there are two images one titled “GNOME (Workstation)” and another one titled “GNOME (Lite Workstation)”. My question is regarding those two images and the difference between them.

They are live ISO images,which means you can boot into Rocky without installing it, to make sure everything works hardware wise. The way I see it, since the ISO images differ in approx 1GB - means lite in that it doesn’t have all the Gnome workstation apps that the normal Gnome Workstation live ISO image has.