Rocky Linux 8 Updated Live Images - 20210924

We have recently pushed updated (unofficial) live images of Rocky Linux 8 to our main download site and should soon also arrive at our mirrors. The current live images:

Rocky 8 Workstation
Rocky 8 XFCE
Rocky 8 KDE

Untested: Rocky 8 Workstation Mainline Kernel

Older live images will be in the archive directory.

As a note, while they are labeled “unofficial” this means they are being built outside of our usual build process. We are planning on having official images when Rocky Linux 8.5 arrives that will be produced while 8.5 is being released. We are also considering on doing weekly/monthly updates for the live images as well.

Comments? Issues? Let us know below in this thread. :slight_smile:


Can someone clarify what 'Workstation" actually is?
e.g. RHEL8 with GUI and Gnome is normally done using dnf group install.

The packages installed are here. Workstation is a similar name and setup to that of which Fedora names their primary live image that runs GNOME.

Many thanks for making this available.

When I try and download any of the ISOs, I get this:


Am I the only one?

Best regards,

I was able to download and use them with no problem, a few days ago.

There were issues with the repositories during the last day or so from other posts here, so maybe it also affected the ISO downloads as well. Should be fine now though. I just clicked the link for the workstation download and is downloading.

On CentOS 8.4, I looked at DNF groups in more detail. It turns out that there are “Environment” groups made up of other groups. There is an environment group called “Server with GUI”, and another called “Workstation”. Other than convenience (at o/s install time), I don’t see much benefit compared with just listing them and then installing the ones you need.