2-byte letters displaed Garbeled letters, how to adjust?

I will instert two screenshots here, let me see.

As show above, in my WER-SERVER, some Japanese letters (2-byte character) will not display nicely but garbeled characters. While my WER-SERVER casted content from old acient Fedora Core 7, Japanese font character was Web-casted nicely. When I moved to Rocky9.1 WER-SERVER recently, I got this minor error. On the local Browser, when I intentionally choose encoding method as UTF-8, it displayed nice characters as show in the second screenshot. At least I configured /etc /httpd/ conf/ httpd.conf at line 321 as AddDefaultCharacterset UTF-8 at my WEB-SERVER side. May I try anything else? Thanks, thanks.

Your file should be encoded in UTF-8, too.

Hi ! Ritov,

All of my writing in Perl, PHP, HTML, simple TEXT, are written by gedit (UTF-8) mode. I edit certain deep lower level of configuration files in Linux Rocky 9.1 by Terminal nano editor. Except nano editor, all files are written and saved in UTF-8 mode under gedit (Text Editor). From ASCII alphabet to accented European letter to CJK (Chinese - Japanese - Korean) fonts to Russian Cyrillic fonts as well. All are written in by gedit UTF-8 mode.

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