X2go keyboard layout issues

I’m using x2go to log in to my Rocky 8 workstation remotely, connecting to the existing desktop session.

This works really well, except for keyboard layout mismatches. The workstation and the laptop from which I’m connecting both have the same keyboard layout, so there shouldn’t even be the need for remapping anything (though probably I have a poor understanding of how keyboard stuff works).

Interestingly, it depends on the applications run. When I type into a terminal window, almost all keys are correct, with a few exceptions. When I work with virtual machines (within a QEMU/KVM spice window showing the graphical desktop of a guest) it gets much worse and most keys are mapped the wrong way.

Is there anyone with experience using x2go? What options do I have for debugging and fixing this? I’d be fine basically fixing key by key, but I’d really like to get this to work properly.

Many thanks!

Haven’t used X2Go for a while, but I seem to remember that you can specify the keyboard layout in the X2Go client.

Virtual machine consoles can be tricky. If you have no layout issues in virtual machine consoles when logged on locally to your workstation it could be a X2Go problem.

I’ve used ThinLinc for the last couple of years, works really well. Free for home users, up to 10 simultaneous sessions. Might be worth a try if you can’t get keyboard layouts in X2Go working.