Will Rocky Linux have a upstream distro to test bleeding edge new packages/ play games on?

I love rocky linux and its stability but beside working, I would love to play games. Due to the outdated - stable packages, almost of the game I would like to play wont work. Is this possible? Would Rocky create a new upstream distro for people to test new features but stable enough to use as a workstation/gaming distro and back port them to Rocky Linux?


Fedora is the “bleeding edge” upstream of CentOS Stream, RHEL, and Rocky.

If you’re interested in desktop and gaming usage, I have a custom Rocky image that’s geared towards that sort of thing, links and info here: https://git.resf.org/skip/No-Compromises-ISO/

As a Linux desktop user, I’m very curious what sorts of games don’t work for you? These days most of my stuff is run through Steam, which includes its own universal type runtime. And on Rocky specifically Flatpak covers most of the desktop/gaming software needs - you can browse the catalog by opening the “Software” app once that ISO is booted.

Dota, cs2… It can be launch and then… crash

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