USB Installer freezes with brand new hardware

Hi all,

I just got a new machine and am trying to install Rocky 9 on it via a USB stick that I successfully used to install an older machine a few weeks ago.
However, once I chose the install option the screen eventually just goes black with a frozen cursor when it should start showing the installer UI. Presumably this is a driver issue?!
My GPU is a Nvidia GeForce RTX 4080

I am looking at using the text installer now but am keen to learn more about this situation as I have never had to isntall drivers before the OS is up and running. Or maybe I am barking up the wrong tree and it’s somethign else?

Any insight in why this is happening, as well as advise on whether the text installer is the only/best way around the issue would be greatly appreciated!

After using the text installer and rebooting I got a terminal log in only, no X window, i.e. no graphical login window.
I installed the nvidia drivers (which required re-installing the “workstation” group first as that seems to get corrupted by default), thinking that should fix this issue but now it just freezes with a black screen after the supermicro splash.

When I remove the “quiet” flag from the boot options or use the rescue boot to look at log messages, I can’t see anything that sticks out (though I don’t really know what I am looking at at that point).
The messages just stop after the line:
nvme0n1: p1 p2 p3

nvme probably rerferring to the only SSD in the machine.

So now I am actually stuck.