Rocky 8.6 install issue after reboot black screen


I’ve suffered error when booting Rocky 8.6 Linux

5 hours ago, I installed Rocky Linux 8.6 using USB, and the installation was successful After that, I set the desktop preset, and disk partition, and finished the setup. Next, I rebooted, checked the additional settings, and pressed Done.

After that, I got a black screen and couldn’t go back to TTL or open a terminal window.

I thought there might be something wrong with my computer for a while, so I rebooted, and it booted up and showed the ROCKY logo and then the black screen again.

What could be the problem and what can I check to fix it?

I’m wondering if it’s a graphics card problem, but the basic GUI doesn’t require a graphics driver, so I don’t think it’s that.

CPU : Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2690 V4 2.60Ghz
GPU: GTX 1080 TI
main borad: asus z10pews-d8

Could be the nouveau driver for the NVIDIA card that you have in the machine that is the problem.

Other than that, Rocky 8.6 is no longer supported - the current release is Rocky 8.9. Or Rocky 9.3 for example, so 9.2 or earlier are also not supported. Better would be to try a newer release.

Thanks i installed Rocky 9.3 iso and solved,

I’just one more question… I’ve installed Nvidia driver, but the nouveau kernel driver is currently incompatible

so i saw this post (Install NVIDIA Drivers [545.29.02 / 535.129.03 / 525.147.05 / 470.223.02 / 390.157 / 340.108] on CentOS Stream 9/8, RHEL 9/8, Rocky Linux 8.5 :: If Not True Then False) and follow that

in run level3 section, but my computer didn’t reboot linux just black and cursor point show,

how can i install NVIDIA Driver rocky 9.3 … disable nouveau

Better would be to use rpmfusion or elrepo repositories for installing Nvidia Drivers: NVidia drivers: RPMFusion vs. ELRepo - #2 by stack

In that thread there is a post about using nvidia-detect which will tell you which Nvidia driver is required for your device. Changes are you have the wrong one installed, and is why you have black screen.

Thanks I try this !! and i’ll tell this result

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