Upgrade between major versions?

I wonder if there are any plans to prepare a utility to upgrade RL8 to RL9 once the latter arrives in some future. Fore Debian-derived distros like Ubuntu the task of upgrade to next major version has always been pretty straightforward. So has it been for Fedora. Unfortunately, AFAIR, there was never such a possibility for RHEL/CentOS. I think it is an important flaw of RHEL-derived distros, probably causing many production servers to be kept running outdated versions. The idea of reinstalling everything from scratch may be a SysAdmin’s true nightmare.

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@msz1959 there was an upgrade procedure that appeared I think from RHEL7 to allow upgrading from RHEL6. There was a migration tool that made checks before the upgrade was made. So the fact that it was possible to do this for 6 → 7 and 7 → 8, then it will also be available most likely for 8 → 9.

Results vary from these types of upgrades, and sometimes it’s better to clean install even though the ability exists.

If you google you will find many articles with the procedure.

From the Centos Forum:

Re: CentOS 7 to CentOS 8 upgrade script

Post by TrevorH » 2019/10/05 11:32:51

Please note that there is NO UPGRADE from CentOS 7 to 8. Any “upgrade” script here is entirely at your own risk and the resulting system, if it experiences any problems in future, will be completely unsupported.

Sure, there are some procedures/scripts available on the internet, but all third-party and, as mentioned above by an important CentOS person, unsupported. On the other hand, RHEL itself (contrary to what I thought) included procedures for RHEL 7->8 upgrade, so it should be, in principle, possible for Rocky as well. For serious installations (servers etc) something coming from the distro pages would be encouraging.

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Hello @msz1959

when you install centos or rocky and if you read the license term you would notice it does not take any responsibility for any risk that that even for the new/fresh installation so i think that why the upgrade follow the same rule

@msz1959 nice to know.

I had used official RH documentation to upgrade from 6 → 7 so these official documents do exist. Obviously without a subscription they aren’t accessible to anyone, hence in those cases the third-party ones do cover the steps required.

On checking, I see that the upgrade tool doesn’t exist in the repositories, but hopefully Rocky will cover this in the future maybe? Maybe the RHEL one is closed, and they didn’t opensource it and perhaps is the reason why it doesn’t exist for CentOS or others. I had assumed it existed, since RHEL had this ability :slight_smile:

If I remember correctly, (but I may be wrong) there was a tool from 6 → 7 for CentOS. However, it didn’t work correctly. I don’t remember if it was at all official, taken from a RedHat tool, or what, but the bottom line was that it didn’t work.
I do remember seeing RH had a tool for 7 → 8 but I don’t know its effectiveness either.

As was mentioned above, Debian and its ilk did have an easy to use path for upgrading and RedHat didn’t. These days, Fedora is usually a pretty easy upgrade, even with rpmfusion stuff installed, though sometimes, I’ve had to uninstall something and reinstall it after the ugrade. So, one can have hope that RH, and maybe afterwards, Rocky, Alma, and others will also have it. I think we all agree it would be nice.

TLDR; Not yet, maybe later, there are various signs of hope. :slight_smile: (BTW, Hi, Trevor!) Good to see you here.

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The RH one I have used on a couple of servers. Was fine. Just surprised it didn’t trickle down for everyone to use. Had a mess with Ubuntu once using the do-release-upgrade when MariaDB was installed from the MariaDB repo. Was recoverable, but a nightmare. Since then I just stuck with what was in the Ubuntu repos than try to use something else external or if I have other external repos, to just use apt-get upgrade/dist-upgrade and manually cleanup than the do-release-upgrade tool. Linux Mint on the otherhand works far better than Ubuntu at least with my experience. Fedora’s upgrade is great, I hope that would move down to Rocky sometime in the future. We can hope :slight_smile: