Turn off laptop screen remotely

Hello everyone,

I have an old laptop with Rocky Linux 8.5 running as a local server (no GUI), he was working with the Lid closed but he is having a high temperature problem sometimes so i am leaving the lid open to cool the cpu a little bit.

The laptop keyboard did not work so i remove then too to make more airflow (and yes i cleaned the fan and changed the thermal paste on the cpu)

So noticed that the screen do not turn off when leave the server idle, so there is some command in Rocky to turn it off remotely from SSH?

I have tried

  setterm --blank force --term linux </dev/tty1
  setterm -powersave off -blank 0
  setterm -powersave off -blank 0 --term linux
  setterm --powersave off --blank 0 --term linux
  setterm --powersave off --blank 0 --term linux </dev/tty1

It did not work

Even installed vbetool

 /usr/local/sbin/vbetool dpms off

Any tips?

the screen should turn off after while i think around 5 min max

the only thing i can think of that your mouse moving maybe it not on solid ground so try to check it first