Time expectancy for a minimum viable product

Not wanting to hurry/push or anything, just a time expectancy would be nice to have, so we can start planning the transition from CentOS to Rocky Linux. Just a thought that would be nice to have before the EOL of CentOS 8.

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CentOS 8 only have 1 year and 19 days, if this is enough for our development team that’s great


Although things may always change, there is currently a “Development milestones and processes” discussion up on Github, and as of my writing right now, getting a test build out is a short term (2 month) goal, which will include repos, mirrors, and an installer. (Edit: please do NOT take that to be a solid estimated time to arrival. There is no schedule written in stone.)

I’m not going to update this particular reply with any changes to that – please reference Github as changes to this kind of thing are more likely to be tracked there. As the project gets a little more structure and the infrastructure gets established, there will likely be more centralized documentation available.


There are three main venues that I can see (and various derivations).

  1. a full fork. This forks everything and starts as a brand new linux distribution which will drift from CentOS and RHEL. I don’t recommend this.

Items 2 and 3 use upstream packages now and in the future.

  1. a rebrand. There are about 4-5 basic packages that need to be modified for rebranding. For basic CentOS 7 these include:
  • grub2 - for UEFI branding
  • shim-signed - for UEFI branding
  • httpd
  • grubby
  • centos-release

There are a number of additional xwindows packages. I don’t have the full list. Additionally, there are ISO build packages that aren’t used for the running OS but are useful for building and branding in the OS. Some of these include:

  • anaconda
  • sigul
  • plague
  • pungi
  • jigdo

Once you do all of that, simply use the built packages from CentOS. No need to do a full rebuild, unless you want to…but there is no need.

  1. You can always just provide an alternate mirror infrastructure to CentOS and deliver CentOS. Simply replace the repo files that an installed user will use on existing CentOS users and on your new ISO, point the landed install at your repos that contain an anachronistic version of CentOS. Voila, CentOS as it should be and minimal effort. Heck, people using the CentOS ISO can simply point at your additional repo which updates the whole thing do your community driven anachronistic CentOS repo.

hmm what about nginx? I installed nginx on my centos 8 and its default page has red hat branding :thinking: (which i actually kinda like)

For rebranding I’ve seen some contributions on developing automation to rebrand packages programmatically as much as possible, although the bulk of work of that nature is waiting on the OS build and packaging infrastructure. One of the goals of Rocky Linux from an operational perspective is to embrace as many modern solutions as possible to minimize the amount of manual work, especially in areas like rebranding. I’m not sure if there are any more specific plans around that right now, but as the OS infrastructure comes online that will definitely be worked on.

I encourage anyone who wants to join in on the Slack workspace and Github to contribute as much or as little as you can or want :slight_smile: