The Web & Design Teams are changing!

Hey there, everyone! @hbjy has decided to hand over the reigns of the Web & Design Team Lead roles to me. He’s been a great contributor and has helped shape the face of Rocky Linux, I want to thank him for his time with us, he’s been a trooper throughout our rapid growth.

If you aren’t familiar with me, hi! :wave: My name’s Michael Kinder and I’ve been a Team Deputy for the Web & Design Teams throughout our organizational development. I own a small creative studio in Southwestern Virginia.

I’m super excited to lead the Web & Design Teams and can’t wait to make them more engaging. I’ll kick off the start of my role by outlining some of our goals for the remainder of this year.

Projects to be completed:

  • Completing our branding and design guidelines
  • Completing our Pebble UI components to use across various RESF sites (Tailwind CSS)
  • Rebuilding the Rocky Linux website using our Pebble UI components, factoring in our branding and design guidelines

Main goals for remainder of year:

  • Come up with ways to have more engagement with the community
  • Find suitable translation system to take care of translation backlog (note that this needs to be vetted by security)
  • Fix open issues with the documentation site

My primary objective for the rest of this year is to have everything in place so that we can have engaging, fun teams for years to come. Keep your eyes peeled for more announcements and events about the Web & Design Teams.

This leadership change also means that we’re opening up the Team Deputy roles for both the Web Team and the Design Team. If you’d be interested in these roles, please feel free to start making contributions where needed, share your thoughts and ideas, and most importantly engage with the community! If you aren’t already in our Mattermost, be sure to join there, as well!