Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure

The Rocky Enterprise Software Foundation Organization


The purpose of this document is to articulate the motivation behind the organizational structure of the Rocky Enterprise Software Foundation (RESF).

In order to ensure that all perspectives are heard, the organization is structured into teams, where each of the team lead(s) sits on the leadership team and serves as the RESF Board of Advisors. This provides a clear and transparent structure to ensure that discussions and decisions can be raised within the appropriate context of the organization by empowering each team to make decisions relevant to that specific team and also facilitates the bi-directional communication between all of the teams and leadership.


The general structure of the organization consists of a flat hierarchy of teams with a leadership team. Each team will have one or more of the following roles:

  • Team Lead: The primary responsible lead for that team
  • Team Deputy: Support and second level leader for the team
  • Team Members: Individuals who are part of and contributing to the team

All teams are structured exactly the same but report into the “Leadership Team” and all Team Leads are represented into the Leadership Team as Team Members. This creates a dynamic that allows for 100% team involvement in all leadership discussions, initiatives, and decisions and creates a culture of transparency across the organization.

For any team that does not have a deputy, or where someone is the lead for multiple teams, please note that we are actively working with the community to identify and promote capable individuals to fill those roles. If you feel you’re a good fit, the best way to be considered is to spend time working with the team in question. Reach out to the relevant team lead to discuss how you can get involved.

If there are any concerns with this structure, we have an open door perspective and wish to encourage feedback, both to the individual team leads, as well as directly to the RESF leadership team.

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The Leadership team is responsible for the overall direction and coordination of the various teams within the RESF including organization requirements, legals, finances, partnerships, sponsorships, etc.

  • Team Lead: Gregory Kurtzer
  • Team Deputy: R. Leigh Hennig
  • Team Members (board of advisors):
    • [all Team Leads]


Design produces and guides the visual styling and branding of the RESF.

  • Team Lead: Hayden Young
  • Team Deputy: TBD


The Community team moderates, engages, and supports users across all social media and discussion platforms. This team is also responsible for organizing community events, creating programs, celebrating community successes, and working with other teams to support community initiatives.

  • Team Lead: Jordan Pisaniello
  • Team Deputy: TBD


The Infrastructure team is responsible for the architecture, configuration, and maintenance of the Rocky Enterprise Software Foundation’s infrastructure. This team works to ensure the availability and reliability of the build infrastructure supporting development and other reliant properties.

  • Team Leads: Neil Hanlon and Taylor Goodwill
  • Team Deputy: TBD


The Documentation team is responsible for ensuring that public facing documentation is accurate, accessible, and engaging, curating engaging and dynamic content that promotes learning within the community. They are also responsible for hosting brown bags and Principal Engineering Talks, where subject matter experts present technical deep dives.

  • Team Lead: Wale Soyinka
  • Team Deputy: TBD


The Installer team handles and oversees the composition of the Anaconda installer for Rocky Linux.

  • Team Lead: Louis Abel
  • Team Deputy: Mustafa Gezen

Package Auto-Builders (Infra)

The package auto-builders team is responsible for the overall build infrastructure, such as the tools to automate and maintain the lifecycle of an operating system release and the components and requirements that go with them.

  • Team Lead: Louis Abel
  • Team Deputy: Mustafa Gezen


The Packaging team handles and oversees the overall package building from the base operating system to SIGs. The package team also presents themselves as sponsors and mentors for those who are submitting packages or learning how to package an RPM to have their packages in extra repositories, such as supported SIGs.

  • Team Lead: Louis Abel
  • Team Deputy: Mustafa Gezen


The Security team works with each team to ensure the integrity, confidentiality, assurance, and compliance of data and services.

  • Team Leads: Rob Felsburg and Benjamin Agner
  • Team Deputy: TBD

Special Interest Groups

SIGs enable extensions to the core of Rocky Linux to facilitate special use cases including everything from security, embedded applications, high performance computing, scientific research, home desktop environments, and more.

  • Team Leads: R. Leigh Hennig
  • Team Deputy: Gregory Kurtzer


The Web team maintains and develops all of the websites under the RESF purview.

  • Team Lead: Hayden Young
  • Team Deputy: Michael Kinder