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Is there a reason why any web camera (e.g. Logitech, Creative etc.) will not be supported by Rocky Linux 9? Or is there a list of the better supported ones?
Its main usage will be for Google Meet meetings , Zoom, Skype etc.

Looking forward for your thoughts.

Can you clarify what you mean by “any web camera will not be supported.” Linux has supported quite a few web cameras for quite a while. Unless Redhat did something of which I’m not aware, I’m pretty sure all that support is still there.

So, any camera will work or are there specific ones? That’s what I am trying to find out.

I have used Logitech, Microsoft and Creative Labs webcams in far older distros than Rocky or RHEL and they have worked. Currently use the built in on my laptop or Logitech C920.

I googled logitech webcam linux support hence why I bought C920 because others said it worked. You will find this by googling whatever camera you want to buy. As I said all mine worked but then some I had before even checking if it worked with Linux. And they worked. Pick a model google it and see what people say. Chances are it will work in most distros.

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This might also help, since the UVC driver project is mostly what will support cameras. The hardware list has tons of camera listed:

a lot of the Logitech ones also including the one I mentioned. A cheaper one would be the C300 series with 720p support. Depending on whether you need 1080p or not, the C920 is good, but there are newer ones like C930 etc. Just be careful of the “e” modules, eg: “C930e” as there are some extra manual steps for certain functionality to work. Hence I decided to give those a miss. I prefer plug and work :slight_smile:

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Excellent information!

Thank you very much @iwalker for your constructive feedback.

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