[SOLVED] Manually force GDM to load on a specificy monitor

Hi all.

I have 2 monitors on my setup, my primary DELL and a second one (LG model twisted 90º) that I use for references during modeling and OBS for screen recording.

The problem is.

During the boot process LUKS password is showed on primary monitor, what it’s right.

BOOT screen is showed on primary monitor, what is right.

GDM login is in the LG monitor, what is completely wrong and also have the wrong resolution (I manually downscale it to full HD under my session).

After a TAB press and login, DE is set perfectly with my DELL monitor like primary monitor, what is right.

So, how can I manually define GDM to load on my main DELL monitor.

Any deep changes on the system, just a regular workstation install with NVIDIA drivers, and this is not a driver issue by the way.

Regardless of what driver is used, LG monitor IS ALWAYS set like primary during the live media or after the first boot in a fresh install.

Sure, in your user home directory see if youve got: /home//.config/monitors.xml, if you do copy that to /var/lib/gdm/.confgi/monitors.xml and chown that to gdm.gdm. Then restart gdm or just reboot and see if that gets it for you

Just to make things a little bit more clear for noobs like me, what I’ve done is:

sudo nautilus /home/gits/.config

This opened Nautilus like a sudoer and let access any file anywhere.

CTRL+T to open a new tab
CTRL+L to access the adress bar and typed


Just have in mind that the .config folder is hidden even from roots, so it’s necessary to type it after the /gdm/ to have access to it.

With booth tabs opened, I’ve copied the monitors.xm. from my home folder to the .confg folder.

Them right click on it and change the owner to GDM, reboot and now GDM is loading in the main monitor like it should be since the beggining.

TYVM @atomicturtle