Boot stuck at Starting Gnome display manager

I was updating my nvidia driver to and when I reboot I am stuck at the gnome display manager.
If I boot at runlevel multi-user I got my prompt everything.
But unable to pass the gdm starting.
Any idea how I can get out of that issue ?

Thank you in advance !

So I fixed my issue at the end, I did the old school install from the from a terminal in
Worked like a charm :wink: as usual…

Actually to problem came back after reboot.
So I can start the gdm after installing the driver manually and I got my desktop, but as soon as I restart I got stuck again at the Starting Gnome Display Manager again…

So I am kinda stuck in the water…

What I did try so far:
rmmod nvidia-dmr
rmmod nvidia-modeset

Those got me back the nvidia-smi function

I did a dnf autoremove nvidia* and re installed the driver from scratch

I am installing NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-525.78 and the 515.86

Soooo… it looks like the are not compatible with 8.7 (4.18.425-3.1) on my machine at least.
I have few but not with that OS specific so can’t really check.
This system runs a dual epyc 7601 on an supermicro board H11DS.
The graphic card is a 3090Ti

Now after getting back to NVIDIA-Linux-515.86.01 my system is back to normal