Share database files on Samba

Installed a new Rocky server earlier in the year running Samba (4) that comes with the release at the time.
They use the MS Reckon accounting package in a shared folder. (Reckon is like Quickbooks or Myob).

Despite playing with oplocks (on, off) they report lagging for users.

The new server replaced the same model/setup that was on a CentOS 6 server in the same Samba environment… which did not lag and from what I can glean oplocks may have been off by default.

I have seen this issue with Myob some years back at another site and they ended running Myob off a Windows PC as it didn’t have the same slowness . (I was brought in to set up an automated backup to the Linux server - I used Samba client to do this.)

I will look to elevating this via whatever Samba support is out there but thought the more eyes that see this might have resolved this seemingly known but allusive problem.

It might not be related to the database; it could simply be that access to ANY file is slow - that’s the first thing to check. Databases on file shares have always had problems and that’s why database servers are popular, where connections and concurrency are managed on the server. It’s worth checking what MS Reckon supports in terms of running from a share vs using a server.