Samba Server on Rocky Linux

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I’ve hit a rock in my work flow : I need to migrate a storage server, from Centos 6, to Rocky Linux 8.
The idea is that i have on that server a Centos 6 system, with samba Version 3.6.23-53.el6_10
What i’ve gathered in this problem is that i think the version of samba server is not in the liking of the production server, because on the new server, witch is virtualized, i’ve got installed a samba Version 4.13.3 .
When i moved all the stuff, i present the storage to the server a iSCSI disk via a network link, and it’s working ok for that.
The hiccup is that on the old server, which is running Centos 6, there are no problems regarding the path length , and on the new server the same systems, that are accessing the server, Windows 10 and we have some older Windows 7, crash when they want to access long path lengths.
Can somebody help me ? Or has somebody hit the same limitations with this kind of problems ? Because i’d like to have a new server, virtualized , and to migrate all to a new infrastructure, but i’m at an halt as long as i can’t make the switch working on Rocky Linux 8 with the samba version .

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I would try to get some debug logs from the samba side. A path name can’t exceed 32760 characters and a path component cannot exceed 255. So I would put samba on rocky into debug mode to determine what’s going on.

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Thanks for the idea, i will try to make something to see and to setup the smb daemon in debug mode .
Thanks @nazunalika !

I would first try setting a max protocol version. Samba version 3.6 only supported SMBV2, where Samba version 4.x supports SMBV3. There are some differences how these two protocols will support long paths. I believe version 2 could support some paths up to 260 where in version 3 they shortened this to 255. This was not a problem if you have a windows server running NTFS and sharing the files as they cannot exceed that path depth anyway.

Example: client ipc max protocol* = SMB2_10

Under your global settings.

Thanks @synack2 , i’m try to manage this, and setup the server configuration to SMB2_10 .
Still it was interesting to see the difference, as this was supposed to be better, so this is wierd, but if setting forced the server to SMB2 works for this, it’s perfect then for me .

I’l give you a shotout regarding this, after i manage to make the tests .

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If that doesn’t fix it try setting

mangled names = no

under global.

will try all of them !