Seahorse - outdated version

Setting up my ssh, with new keys, etc. But Seahorse won’t except my ed25519 keys.

Search around a little bit and found this post:

So, appearently the fix for that came with Gnome keyring 3.28. that version is in System repo (appstream). But we have 3.20 for Seahorse.

Can we get a newer version? Seems like it’s been overlooked, since gnome-keyring is 3.28, but, seahorse is 3.20. Latest version (2021) per Gnome wiki is 3.40: »»». Maybe not that one, but a fairly recent version would be great. Would it be possible?

/* Now when I run ssh-add, it adds to the GPG keychain (I think the popup said). */

· Eric

Rocky Linux is 1:1 with RHEL, seahorse won’t be getting updated until it’s updated in RHEL. Perhaps you could use a Flatpak? Passwords and Keys | Flathub

Thanks Brian,
Yes, that’s one way I guess. Have been eying Flatpak a little bit before (looked at newer Gimp), but I’m not sure I want to go that way. I’ll prob see if I can find a newer specfile somewhere, or update the spec myself.

One good thing that happened though… When I was using my cert the other day, the login was stored in Seahorse - not the cert, but the password. Which is most important, for now - and makes it a bit easier. :crossed_fingers::+1: