RSH configuration for HPC Cluster

Hello, everyone,
I’m new here at Rocky Linux and I have a little problem.
We run an HPC simulation cluster. The interconnect of the compute nodes of this cluster is configured unencrypted with rsh. We used Centos 7 in the past. Now we would like to run the cluster with Rocky Linux and i’m wondering how to do the rsh configuration to configure rsh without a password.

I hope you can give me some informations.

Thanks in advanced.


Since you’ve used it on CentOS 7, then most likely this guide will provide the steps that you used previously: How to configure rsh and rlogin on CentOS/RHEL 7

You will have to adapt it a little for Rocky Linux 8 or 9, since rsh-server doesn’t exist in the default repositories, but will mean you need to enable the EPEL repository:

dnf install epel-release

At which point you can install rsh and rsh-server that are mentioned in the link provided above. So basically for the client machines:

dnf install rsh

and on the machines acting as servers:

dnf install rsh-server

Once the packages are installed, the remainder of the configuration should be pretty much the same as per the linked document.

One can as well set up ssh with keys. Without passphrase they are just as (in)secure and easy.

What kind of cluster? Slurm?

thanks for your help.
It’s working. :slight_smile:

cheers Cid

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i know it’s insecure but our Cluster is configured with rsh.
It’s a HPC Simulation cluster with a self made queueing system.
No Slurm.

cheers Cid