Nis on Rocky/RHEL 9

FWIW, I just got ypbind running on a RHEL9 system, built from the current sources, with --prefix=/usr/local.

We’re in the process of moving our HPC cluster name service from NIS to campus AD/LDAP. We haven’t been using NIS for password hashes, so haven’t been as concerned about security. It is fast…

But, we wanted to get an app-build/test environment up quickly for our user services folks to use, so ypbind to the existing service seemed the quick way to go.

The only thing that didn’t work with the generic “–prefix=/usr/local” was ypbind. It’s configure failed. I set PKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR to /usr/local, and NSL_CFLAGS to pick up rpc.h from /usr/include/tirpc.

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I had a similar requirement - I just used the following Fedora 36 RPMS:


Install and work fine on Rocky 9

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Yes. We have a different kind of “fast” setup: Ansible. Ansible playbook creates local accounts in each node of (slurm) HPC cluster. We only need to rerun the play when data (i.e. config) changes. Not very often.

The login nodes are either on “campus AD/LDAP”, or authentication uses SSH keypairs. (Local) accounts have no passwords set at all.

(Before Ansible we did use LDAP and before that NIS. That was a long time ago.)