Unable to SSH to rocky 9.1

When I attempt to ssh to a new rocky 9.1 server using SecureCRT I get the following error: mm_answer_keyverify: publickey RSA signature unverified: error in libcrypto

However, when I use putty, using the same key I am able to log in. The key I am using was generated on this rocky server using ssh-keygen.

SecureCRT’s error message is: The server recognized your public key, C:.… but none of the known signature mechanisms were accepted. This normally means the server you are connecting to does not comply with any of the supported standards.

I’m running debug3 on ssh - and I try to compare the logs for a successful putty session vs an unsuccessful securecrt one - and I can’t see the mechanism putty is using that securecrt is not.

Have any of you seen this? I have a case with VanDyke/securecrt - but so far they’ve been unable to help. I can log into my Centos 7 servers using this key (once I set it up) Is there something special in Rocky 9.1 that is blocking me? My google searches for this error return results that include turning on SHA1 - but I’m not comfortable doing that.


Same problem here after updating an CentOS8 Host to Rocky Linux 9. I have an very old client-machine. Finally this pointed my into the right direction: How can I use a legacy ssh-rsa key on CentOS 9 Stream? - Server Fault

I have generated an new ecdsa key and use this one for login - this works even with my old client-system.

Hope it helps.