Rocky9 NIS Logins

I have a Rocky9 machine I am trying to integrate into my existing NIS network. Given that RedRat discontinued support for NIS this is problematic. Rather than just install packages as some here have suggested, but does not fully work, in particular the pam supplied seems to be without NIS support, I recompiled them to make sure NIS was compiled in, and at this point I have pretty much everything working EXCEPT pam and pam I can’t compile properly because it wants libsystemd version 256 but version 254 ships with Rocky9 Linux. I thought perhaps I could grab from, but, while I see the documentation there, I’m not finding the source code. Could just be my inability to navigate the site. If anyone knows where I can find source for libsystemd version 256 please let me know.

systemd version 256 isn’t released yet. The source for systemd (including libsystemd) can be found at GitHub - systemd/systemd: The systemd System and Service Manager

Thanks muchly! Your help much appreciated!

Well now I’ve recompiled systemd and it seems to be working, recompiled pam, and then did authselect select nis but now things get weird. su works with nis users but login via ssh does not. Logs say invalid user.