Rocky Linux installation guide

Hello there,
I am trying to install rocky on my vm. i have splitted the iso into a single file and virtual disk is 40 Gb.My hdd is working 100% fine but when i set to select my hdd it is showing Error. Adding a ss for better understanding. If there is a solution for me,it would be appreciated.


Click Installation Destination, and select a disk.

when i try to select a disk it shows no disk found.

You have a VM with 40 GB volume, which does not show in the installer?

Can a hypervisor offer virtual disk controller that is not supported by el9?

PS. When/if you do get the volume to show, then do switch to “Custom” in the “Storage Configuration”. You can still auto-generate a proposal there, but can also tweak it (as one most likely wants for such VM).

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