Rocky Linux ARM64 not booting

Hello everyone. I have just fired up the Rocky Linux RC1 for ARM64 on parallels on my m1 macbook air and I get to the systemd boot (or at least what looks like systemd boot) screen which asks me which option to choose. I tried clicking on all of the options and nothing loads. I am going to be tweaking the settings of the vm to see if there is something I can do to get it to boot.

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Hello, I have encountered the same behavior using UTM (and so QEMU) on my M1 MacBook Pro and did not find any workaround solution. Whereas I managed to install Fedora 34 aarch64.

Can we confirm that the same behavior happens with RHEL and CentOS aarch64? I do not have an M1 to test this.

Not issue specific to a Rocky Linux.
RHEL and CentOS aarch64 can not boot neither.

I will be testing it out right now. I have the DVD disk of CentOS 8.3 downloading right now for aarch64 and will reply on here if it is the same problem with it

Yeah, I just tested both distros and they have the same issue with qemu.

It doesn’t work on M1 due to the incorrect translation granule size - kernel assumes a 64KB page size, while Apple M1 only supports 4KB and 16KB (if I remember correctly).


I would like to rebuild the kernel and dvd for being bootable as a VM on a Mac M1.
Someone can help me to do so ?
Where to start, the steps to reach the goal ?

Thanks for the help

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Also interested in working on this, you find anything or make any progress?

not more, I didn’t know where to began ;(

someone succeeds on CentOS 8 :

but I want it by myself :wink:

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Any news here, I cannot get Rocky 8.5 arm64 to boot in Parallels

Hello guys,

A new release is coming in the next weeks, if some of you can help us with the testing in mac environments with arm64, would be really appreciated.

references previously coordinated:

finally, if the outcomes of the tests can be shared in the following channel, would be really appreciated :

I have personally downloaded the image “Rocky-9.0-RC1.1-aarch64-dvd.iso” and it is working normally so far.