Installation of rocky not proceeding in MacBook Pro m1 silicon chip

Hi Guys,

I need to install rocky linux arm in my MacBook Pro m1 silicon chip and I am facing issue of when I am going to install rocky linux it’s not proceeding please help me out.


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It’s unfortunately not possible right now. The aarch64 kernel assumes a 64k page size that is NOT supported on M1 macs. M1 page size is 4k or 16k.

EL9 should work on M1.


Thanks for this information…

Do you know when this will be supported?

Just ran in to this today on my new m1.

I also face the same issue on my M1 2020. When I run “Install Rocky Linux 8”, I keep getting redirected to the main menu of installation.

bump? checking back in, got my new M1 lappie last may, and Rocky 8.5 arm64 still an issue. Looking back into this since i am going to be needing it for work now??

EL8 aarch64 does not work on M1. You will have to wait for EL9, for SIG/kernel to produce a suitable kernel for you, or elrepo to perhaps provide a variant.

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