Problems installing Rocky 8.9 on Parallels Desktop Apple Silicon (9.3 installs fine)

I am trying to install Rocky Linux 8.9 DVD aarch64 on Apple Silicon Parallels Desktop 19.3.1.
The iso file is: Rocky-8.9-aarch64-dvd1.iso and its SHA256 matches.

After selecting it Iget to the point that Rocky Linux black screen shows the 3 options:

  • Install Rocky Linux 8.9
  • Test this media & install Rocky Linux 8.9
  • Troubleshooting →

Pressing on the first or the second line turns the screen back for a short moment and the screen comes back to where it was without doing anything. No error is shown.

I have successfully installed Rocky Linux 9.3 under the same environment, but I can’t seem to be able to install 8.9 this way. It seems supported , is it?

Linux on Apple Silicon requires a relatively recent kernel (6.1.x?). I don’t think Rocky 8.x qualifies, as it’s running heavily modified 4.18.