Rocky Linux 9.3 x86 environment on Apple Silicon

I am having trouble getting Rocky Linux 9.3 x86 DVD on a UTM M2 apple silicon.

I run into kernel issues and get to a point error messages don’t print.

Can someone share a .UTM enviroment file i can try.

Thank you

Is there a reason why you want to run x86_64 on M2? You may want to use the aarch64 ISO instead as it will be more compatible with that CPU.

There’s some software I want to try that only works on x86 and isn’t available for ARM.

I tried aarch64 ISO it loads properly but isn’t useful for my use.

Is it possible to have Rocky linux x86 emulated on an ARM processor?

Yes, it should be possible to emulate x86. I am not aware of any “.UTM” environment. I can freely run x86 on my M3 macbook.

It would be helpful to know the error messages you’re receiving.