Rocky Linux 9.3 x86 on MacPro Apple Silicon M2

I have a Mac Pro with a M2 processor (arm architecture), I am emulating Rocky Linux 9.3 with UTM, Installation went through but after trying to boot I get this error message:

integrity: Problem loading X.509 certificate -126
Warning: Unmaintained hardware is detected: e1000:100E:8086 @ 00

Help would be appreciated, Thank you in advance

Looks like you hit this bug:

According to that bug report, the issue was fixed in kernel 6.8.0. You can try kernel-6.8 by installing ELRepo’s kernel-ml.

i installed kernel-ml-6.8.2-1.el9.elrepo.x86_64, still run into an issue on bootup but the error message is no longer there.

What is the “issue on bootup”? If you are referring to "Warning: Unmaintained hardware … ", that’s just a warning.

doesnt show any reason why. I’m looking through system logs to see if anything makes sense for an error. it tries to boot but then goes to emergency mode and no error msg other then full log which is 2000+ lines