ROCKY 9.2 aarch64 hangs under qemu-system-aarch64 on MacOS

I am running ROCKY 9.2 aarch64 on MacOS 13.6.1 Macbook M2 under qemu-system-aarch64 (QEMU emulator version 8.1.2). Everything seems to be fine but system hangs when trying to boot to rescue shell. It is any guesses for this ? Screen attached. (I can’t attach more screens)

Please verify if the vmlinuz-0-rescue-* files exists in your /boot partition, and if the start commands are correct.
BTW, if you are going to reset password, you may as well try option “rd.break” instead of “init=/bin/bash” .

Thank you, Yikai
I’ve tried latest grub kernel entry for current actual kernel with rd.break option

but still got same result
/boot contains all kernels and ramdisks

boot is EXT4 filesystem

If I remove “rd.break” from kernel command line, this grub entry happily boots to system

may be some boot debug option exists ?

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