Aarch64 tested on HyperV?

Has anyone been able to get the ARM version of either 8 or 9 working on a Hyper-V system? When trying to boot the ISO, with secure boot disabled, it just says “Synchronous Exception …”

From a quick google, it seems it’s a systemd issue: systemd-boot on aarch64 using incorrect timer. · Issue #26224 · systemd/systemd · GitHub that has apparently been fixed (that issue also mentions Hyper-V). This issue references Fedora but obviously RHEL/Rocky will be using an older kernel than the one mentioned in the issue. But also, that systemd fix will be for a later version of systemd, rather than ones in RHEL/Rocky.

You could try one of the latest Fedora aarch64 editions to see if that boots, that will at least give you an idea if that works. Current release is Fedora 39.

Whether that fix can be backported into the aarch64 image of Rocky or not is another matter though.

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