Rocky Linux 9 image for RPI5 available for testing


Just in case of folks missed the pinned messages here Rocky Linux Mattermost

so here is the repo I put together and here are few notes:

* It still needs lots of work
* still needs lots of cleanup
* I am sure I am doing weird things there needs fixing some stuff in posttrans might have a better place to live in!
*  this whole patchlevel needs some confirmation and maybe fixing name is still rasperrypi2 while I built it as kernel-rpi " just to make myself less confused " but we need to work on some strategy and update path , bigger picture and such
*  For now, the repos are here and , you can install those on your current system, but not advisable since you need to clean up the /boot manually and might break your system
* An image is here for whoever wants to test, unxz and dd to an sdcard or whetever
Once we have an image other than mine, we can test , so far it did boot for me on RPI4,RPI5,RPI400,RPI4B "or B+" can't remember, need to check on CM4 still

We have an image that would like folks to test!


Just tested the image on PI5. Seems to work so far.

I tried to install it on nvme disk, but my PI5 fails to book, with a kernel panic with a huge backtrace about ‘killing’ INIT.

Then, I CHROOTED into the image and performed a YUM UPDATE -Y within the CHROOT, to get the latest available kernel.
Then, I installed the result to the same NVME and … it boots.
I’m able to get a login prompt, but then, EXT4 complains and I’m finally unable to login
either from the console or from an SSH session.

How are you connecting the NVME to the RPI5? the Image above uses the kernel from the raspberrypi foundation same as the one in Raspian OS, so would be worth to check if Raspian OS boots, maybe we are missing some configs options for NVME.

Also, doing dnf update, will install the rocky vanilla kernel, this at some point will have a variant for kernel-SBC where we are going to support more hardware, however, Rocky’s vanilla kernel " shipped with rocky " doesn’t have all RPI patches, some patches didn’t make it upstream yet.

It boots perfectly with IP OS.

To be clear, I mean RPI-IMAGER + RASPBERRY PI OS (64 bits) for PI5

I’ll receive another PI5+NVME this week.
It will be easier to see any diff … I hope …
Meanwhile, do you have any idea of what could be of interest ?
kernel version ? kernel modules ? kernel config ?