Raspberry Pi 5 doesn't boot with alt image

As the title says, I have a Raspberry Pi 5, but it doesn’t boot with a rocky linux 9 alt image for Raspberry Pi’s. Should the current alt image work, or does it need to be updated? I tried it on my Raspberry Pi 4 and it works fine.
So is the alt image for rocky linux 9 not working for Raspberry Pi 5 yet, or is my device faulty?
Thanks in advance!

I just wrote a ubuntu server image to my SD card and it works fine with my Raspberry Pi 5, so I guess the alt image for rocky linux 9 doesn’t work yet?

The Rocky raspberry pi image should support raspberry pi 5 soon but you’re right it doesn’t currently

Yes, what you’re seeing that’s expected. At the moment, there is no device-tree source for the Raspberry Pi 5 in the upstream Linux kernel (as of linux-next-20231117).

There needs to be a file called bcm2712.dtsi (for the BCM2712 SoC) and a file called bcm2712-rpi-5-b.dts (for the Raspberry Pi 5 itself) here (for arm32) and here (for arm64).

It will be enabled once the code lands in upstream (kernel.org). I believe once that’s ready, we should have a public announcement since the Raspberry Pi lineup is a big deal in the SBC space.

Does anyone know when rl9 will be available for the rpi5 approximately?

Not sure when it will land

Any new development?

I didn’t try again yet, since neither the readme of the alt image changed, nor the files which pratham mentioned appeared on the places he said they should exist for it to work. Still patiently waiting, as well as my unused raspberry pi 5. (Yes I really want rocky linux)

me too, after my recent purchase, I also fell into an anxious wait. Even after Ubuntu has been available for normal use for a period of time, Rocky linux still has not been updated.

just watching this and wanting to know if any updates on this ?

thank you all

SIG/AltArch is currently working on this. Active conversation about the pi 5 and other SBC’s are in mattermost.

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