Raspberry Pi 5 doesn't boot with alt image

As the title says, I have a Raspberry Pi 5, but it doesn’t boot with a rocky linux 9 alt image for Raspberry Pi’s. Should the current alt image work, or does it need to be updated? I tried it on my Raspberry Pi 4 and it works fine.
So is the alt image for rocky linux 9 not working for Raspberry Pi 5 yet, or is my device faulty?
Thanks in advance!

I just wrote a ubuntu server image to my SD card and it works fine with my Raspberry Pi 5, so I guess the alt image for rocky linux 9 doesn’t work yet?

The Rocky raspberry pi image should support raspberry pi 5 soon but you’re right it doesn’t currently

Yes, what you’re seeing that’s expected. At the moment, there is no device-tree source for the Raspberry Pi 5 in the upstream Linux kernel (as of linux-next-20231117).

There needs to be a file called bcm2712.dtsi (for the BCM2712 SoC) and a file called bcm2712-rpi-5-b.dts (for the Raspberry Pi 5 itself) here (for arm32) and here (for arm64).

It will be enabled once the code lands in upstream (kernel.org). I believe once that’s ready, we should have a public announcement since the Raspberry Pi lineup is a big deal in the SBC space.