Rocky Linux 8.4 Available Now

The Rocky Enterprise Software Foundation (RESF) is pleased to announce the General Availability of Rocky Linux 8.4 for the following architectures:

Architecture Minimal DVD Boot Packages
x86_64 X X X X
ARM64 (aarch64) X X X X

Sufficient testing has been performed such that we have confidence in its stability for production systems. Free community support is available through the Rocky Linux Mattermost, IRC, and forums. Paid commercial support is currently available through CIQ.

Download Rocky Linux 8.4
Release Notes

The following are also available:

Stay tuned for announcements as we expand our offerings.

Bugs or issues can be reported via Bugzilla.

Release Party

Be sure to tune into our live release party Saturday, June 26, 2021 12:00 AM on YouTube. More details available on the forums here.

Corporations come and go, their interests as transient as they are self-serving. But a community persists, and that’s who we dedicate Rocky Linux to: you.

Rocky is more than the next free and open, community enterprise operating system. It’s a community. A commitment to an ideal bigger than the sum of its parts, and a promise that our principles–embedded even within our repositories and ISOs–are immutable.

We’d like to extend a special thanks to our sponsors and our partners, whose contribution of resources, financial backing, software, and infrastructure were all critical in supporting our efforts:

Each one brings something special to the community, and we’re grateful for their support.

This is just the beginning, and the RESF is more than just Rocky Linux–it’s a home for those that believe that open source isn’t just a switch that can be toggled at will, and that projects that many rely on not be subject to the whims of a few. To this point, you can easily find all of our sources, our build infrastructure, Git repositories, and everything else anyone would need to fork our work and ensure that it continues if need be. Expect more from the RESF in the coming weeks and months.

When we announced our release candidate, we asked you to come build the next free, open, community enterprise operating system with us. Now we’re asking you for more: join us as we build our community.

“We set out to develop a free, open, community enterprise operating system that is bug-for-bug compatible with the upstream Enterprise Linux standard. What we built is so much more: a community."

  • Gregory Kurtzer, Executive Director, Rocky Enterprise Software Foundation

The Rocky Enterprise Software Foundation


Does RL 8.4 RC upgrade to GA version or do you need to reinstall?

Looks like a fresh install according to the release notes…

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Yup, that is correct!

NICE WORK Rocky Linux team :clinking_glasses:!

Putting RL8 onto our Foreman servers now to try out in a PXE boot environment :sunglasses:


Oh damn!!!

I jus yesterday tested the install of RL 8.4 RC to Omen 17 with GTX1070 and worked the whole data science stack to work on it. Well I just take the .basch history and make it a script. Have to say that RL 8.4 with cuda+tensorflow-gpu+tensorrt+python 3.8(anaconda) is as fast but more responsive than one gen newer omen 15 with RTX 2060 (easier to carry around) but with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and same data science stack. I have always liked RHEL (like SL and C). They just work. In data science you dont want your working environment suddenly change. Mayby I should make a post of how to have cuda+tensorrt+tensorflog-gpu working in rocky Linux.

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Hi Team:
Does Rocky Linux 8.4 support 32 bit i386/i586/i686 OS RPMS ?


Chinese translation:Rocky Linux 8.4 正式版发布啦 | Rocky Linux 中文社区

Did someone test it on VMware vSphere 6.7? Which OS to choose, Centos 8? Is everything ok for vmware?

Hi, Thanks for all the hard work to make this release possible!

May I request a virtualbox and vmware provider image for the official vagrant boxes?

I didn’t see any packer templates in the rocky-linux GitHub org, but I’d be happy to help work on that if needed.


Hey there and welcome! More providers are definitely on the way. You can check out this kickstart over on

Be sure to check out the ~Development channel on our Mattermost server for more.

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@jorp Thank you so much for this first release of Rocky Linux 8! I tested out the migrate script on 3 of my systems(2 virtual and 1 phsyical with efi boot) which I had converted before from CentOS 8 to Springdale Linux 8. I was able to successfully migrate all 3 systems from Springdale Linux 8.4 to Rocky Linux 8.4 without any trouble, so you can add it to the list of RHEL clones that had successful migrations with the migrate script.

The only Springdale Linux 8 package that was still left installed was springdale-logos-httpd, which I removed and then reinstalled the Rocky Linux equivalant.

  1. rpm -e --nodeps springdale-logos-httpd
  2. yum install rocky-logos-httpd

Hi there and welcome! Great news and thanks for your feedback. If you don’t mind, please report this all as an issue to the rocky-tools repo so the testing team can take a look. Thanks!

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Thanks for the welcome! It’s great to to be part of the Rocky Linux community! No problem at all! I’m happy to if that helps! I just created an issue on the rocky-tools project github page.

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Thank you for the feedback. Anything you see in the installer or dnf groups is not of our creation, it is actually from upstream. You would see similar in RHEL, current CentOS, and other related derivatives.

If you are using the minimal ISO, you won’t be able to install GNOME properly. This is unfortunately something we’re unable to really resolve. I would recommend you use the DVD image in this case or the boot.iso with some repos added. As the boot and minimal images do allow you to add repos, that could help you in this instance with GNOME not being installed from the minimal image.

I got my issue resolved in the chat channel. Many thanks to the developers.

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Can you explain category ‘c’ on the export compliance section on the downloads page please ?

  • Does this mean that a US defense contractor who does design/development/production of one of the items mentioned in category ‘c’ is not permitted to download Rocky ?

  • How about a US university that has research contracts that are government funded ?

  • What about a hobbyist who is into rocketry or drones or the like ?

While I understand ‘a’ and ‘b’, I am not understanding the intent of item ‘c’ which has nothing to do with export restrictions as far as I can tell.

What’s the intent here ? Does Rocky require prospective users to pass some kind of political purity test ?

Congratulations to everyone involved and keeping the open-source spirit alive, and looking forward to setting it up soon. Cheers <3

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That’s rather absurd, but no. If you’re not planning on making nuclear missiles or ICMBs, I think you’re probably fine. FYI, CentOS has the exact same wording on their site: Download