Rocky Linux 8.4 Release Party

Hello Everyone,

We want to share the excitement of our first stable release with you all! Please join us for some banter and Q&A about Rocky Linux.


Saturday, June 26, 2021 12:00 AM → ???


Live via Zoom


What if I can’t make it?

While we’re upset that we’ll miss you this time, we plan on hosting more live events in the future! Please be sure to look out for announcements.

How can I be involved in planning/facilitating events like this in the future?

The Community Team would love to have you! Please reach out to jorp on Mattermost and join the Community channel.

As always, feedback is strongly encouraged. Details/platform of this event are not indicative of future events.

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Which time zone do you have in mind ?

I believe that it is localized for your timezone already being that your quoted text displayed 02:00. You should be able to hover over the datetime in the original post to see more timezones.

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Was this recorded? Was busy at 02:00 today

Got an answer in TWIL: Linux's Windows 11 Opportunity, Rocky Linux 8.4, Blender Paid Support | This Week in Linux 157 - YouTube that it was not oh well cya next time